8 tips for attracting top talent to your business

Over the last 10 years, JV Recruitment has developed a keen understanding of what manager’s look for within their businesses and where their struggles lay. For most of them, the common challenge isn’t recruiting; it’s actually being able to attract the right person, or a “top performer”.

As industries develop, this challenge is highlighted further with the evolution of the changing workforce. No longer can you just read a resume or complete a simple interview to determine the talent of a candidate. To find talent, you need to put in time, effort, money and have a desire to seek out the best.

According to Pareto Principle, only 20% of employees within a company are considered to be top performers dedicating their time to completing up to 80% of the overall workload. This is a trend that should be considered closely when planning, sourcing and selecting new hires as mismanagement and unrealistic expectations can severely hinder a candidate’s decision to join your company. Remember, candidates can be selective now; fit for company recruitment isn’t a one way street!

Even with the threat of two way considerations, the idea of putting in time, effort, money and reviewing workloads, all sounds easy enough.. but how about we take a step back to the beginning and consider what actually makes a top performer and what they value.

How do top performers stand out from the rest?

The traits of a top performer can be boiled down to having the following attributes:

  • A clear sense of what their goals are and the drive to achieve them

  • A willingness and ability to learn and self teach new skills

  • An ability to go above and beyond what is simply expected of them

  • An ability to participate and contribute within a team – or work autonomously

  • An ability to positively influence others

A true top performer will often align their attributes to their values, keeping them present and drawing on them in their daily lives. It is these values that may differ from person to person, but will allow them to remain positive, grounded and considerate of the tasks before them.

Values of a top performer may include but are not limited to:

  • Clear communication and expectations

  • Development opportunities

  • Recognition of effort

  • Trust in ability and knowledge

  • Autonomy in decision making

  • Shared workloads

As generically expected as these attributes and values are, they are often hard to find in one package and even if they are found, these employees will often not settle for anything other than the best workplace environment and culture, so we need to reflect on if the business is ready for employees like this. If you think you and your business is ready, then it’s time to start the hunt.. but where do you start?

The 8 steps to attracting top talent to your business

At JV Recruitment, we believe you can effectively attract top talent in just 8 simple steps. Those being:

  1. Understand who you are looking for

  2. Understand why the candidate is looking for a new job

  3. Start with a clear job specification

  4. Know what your company values are, and exhibit them

  5. Don’t hire subjectively

  6. Find out what makes your company “leading”

  7. Be prepared to reward them accordingly

  8. Offer them mentorship, training and development

To understand these steps in more detail, please refer to our eBook How to Attract Top Talent To Your Business from our Resources section. Alternatively please contact us directly on 03 9377 5800 to discuss your role requirements and how we may help.


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Naomi Leckie

Naomi Leckie

Naomi is a HR Manager with over 6 years experience with the Human Resources sector. Prior to this, she worked in retail and both national and international sporting and leisure events.

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