Feedback is the key to safety

JV Recruitment prides itself on effective safety management, communication and education. Through targeted safety calls, we have been able to amplify the exposure to safety awareness on construction sites across Melbourne.

These calls allow our WHS Officer, Ben Cowley, and the WHS team to actively engage and maintain constant communication with our employees giving them an opportunity to express all safety related issues and/or general feedback.

The calls are dedicated to discussing specific risks, compliance documentation, concerns and safety control measures that can be put in place to improve the working conditions and overall environment on site. Additionally, it gives our WHS team an opportunity to educate employees on relevant safety matters and discuss any industry related hot topics.

Safety is a top priority of JV Recruitment and these measures contribute to ensuring all employees go home safely from work each day.

Written by Christine Wood

JV Recruitment’s aim is to provide a people-orientated approach to recruitment in the areas of Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Business Support for permanent, contract or labour hire staffing solutions. For more information, or to apply for a job, visit our home page.


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Christine Wood

Christine Wood

Christine is JV’s Human Resources Coordinator. She has over 2 years experience working in generalist HR and recruitment; prior to this she worked in the hospitality industry as a Supervisor and Duty Manager in high end hotels.

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