Summer presenting new risks on site

Recently we spoke about the importance of wearing and utilizing correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the article JV Embracing long sleeve PPE policy, however we understand that PPE will only protect our labour hire employees so much during seasonal changes. The summer season always presents a new set of risks and hazards, on site that should always be recognised and addressed.

Heat can cause havoc resulting in dehydration, fatigue and other serious issues including cramping, heat stroke, heat exhaustion and long term skin damage caused by UV radiation.

JV Recruitment educates the labour hire team on the following issues and treatments but also advise the best course of action is to seek medical attention.


Heat Cramps – Painful spasms in the thigh, calve or stomach etc, caused by the loss of fluids and lack of salt in the body from excessive sweating.

Treatment: Massage cramped muscles and drink fluids.


Heat Exhaustion – The feeling of cold, clammy and pale skin along with fatigue, nausea, headaches, weakness and/or feeling faint.

Treatment – Move to a cooler place, lie down and elevate the feet; drink small amounts of cool fluids at frequent intervals, seek medical attention if symptoms worsen.


Heat Stroke – Can be a result of prolonged heat exhaustion. This occurs when the body cannot regulate temperature properly due to the lack of sweat available in the body. Symptoms – Mental confusion, staggering or lapse into unconsciousness, dry, hot and flushed skin.

Treatment - Lie in a cool place, keep your head elevated and sponge body with cool water. If ice packs are available place them in the armpits, behind neck and groin area. Seek medical attention from doctor immediately.


Other ways these risks can be controlled are;

  • Wearing loose fitting and breathable long-sleeve shirts and pants
  • Wearing and reapplying sunscreen
  • Completing outdoor works in the shade or in the morning
  • Drink cool, clean water at frequent intervals
  • Taking regular breaks in cool, shaded areas
  • Don’t ignore any symptoms
  • Seek medical attention if required

If you or any of your employees are working outside, or in the heat, during the summer season, always remember these helpful tips and seek assistance when required.


Written by Naomi Leckie 

HR Manager

JV Recruitment's aim is to provide a people-orientated approach to recruitment in the areas of Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Business Support for permanent, contract or labour hire staffing solutions. For more information, or to apply for a job, visit our home page.


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Naomi Leckie

Naomi Leckie

Naomi is a HR Manager with over 6 years experience with the Human Resources sector. Prior to this, she worked in retail and both national and international sporting and leisure events.

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