Take 5 for safety this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, the pressure is on for sites to finish up for the year. We find this time of year tends to be hectic for our labour hire department as Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) becomes even more of a hot topic.

As a rule, we encourage our labour hire employees to use the ‘take 5 method’ before completing a task. This allows each and every employee to take responsibility for their personal work environment and for those around them.


JV Recruitment Safety At Work Tips Stop Identify Assess Control Proceed


Here are the 5 steps to take for a safer workplace:

  1.       Stop, step back and think
  2.       Identify any hazard/s
  3.       Assess the level of risk
  4.       Control the hazard/s
  5.       Proceed safely


We believe this method should be adopted widely across all sites as standard practice to ensure all risks on sites are minimised.

If you are working on site, or instructing employees on site during the silly season, please be cautious of all general risks and other risks that may be magnified by increase time pressures.

For further information on the ‘take 5 method’ or JV Recruitment’s best practice system, please contact Ben Cowley at safety@jvrecruitment.com.au.

The JV team wish you a safe, happy Christmas and a wonderful 2019.


Written by Naomi Lecke

HR Manager

JV Recruitment’s aim is to provide a people-oriented approach to recruitment in Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Business Support for permanent, contract or labour hire staffing solutions. 

Do you have questions about your site safety or need qualified, vetted and safety conscious workers?

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Naomi Leckie

Naomi Leckie

Naomi is a HR Manager with over 6 years experience with the Human Resources sector. Prior to this, she worked in retail and both national and international sporting and leisure events.

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