JV's Plumbing Division set to grow in 2018


What an exciting time to be a Plumber in Melbourne! Our plumbing division at JV has never been busier! Having finished 2017 with huge success, we’re continuing to grow, with the goal of becoming the first-choice labour hire company for the Plumbing Industry in Melbourne.

We are striving to do this with strong policies and procedures in place to ensure that we only take on tradesmen that adhere to the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Thus far, we’ve been able to branch out to all aspects of Plumbing, providing Roof Plumbers, Sanitary Plumbers, and Mechanical Plumbers to a broad spectrum of different clients. Our Plumbers have a wealth of experience on varying job sites from large-scale apartments and commercial sites, to smaller domestic plumbing contractor jobs.

To date, JVs skilled workforce of plumbers have undertaken tasks such as roughing in and suspended stacks on a multistorey apartment project, and have done pre-slab drainage on small domestic sites. This versatility sees JV able to provide quality service to assist our clients with both long-term and short-term labour supply.

There is no doubt that as the Building and Construction industry continues to grow, the demand for skilled Plumbers will grow also. JV is committed to meeting such demand and continuing to provide a quality a service within the Plumbing sector.

As we progress into 2018 and nurture the growth of our Plumbing division, we look forward to establishing ourselves as a major player within the industry.

Written by Jordan Luck 

Business Development


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Jordan Luck

Jordan Luck

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