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Recruiters often get bashed over the head from every direction, however if you believe in what you do, how you go about it, and delivering amazing results you not only become immune from the so called ‘bashers’ but you also develop a strong sense of pride for changing lives (candidates), and significantly enhancing the operations of businesses (clients) - it is personally rewarding.

A couple of examples that support the above came to me after visiting a couple of client’s site last week:

The first example was that I was out on site, which was a large medium density development, and I was speaking to the Construction Manager who noted that he was extremely happy with the team that he had together for that project. There were four (4) Site Managers in that team – all of whom I had placed with the company, and all four of those candidates were so thankful for being presented with the opportunity and haven’t looked back. Essentially it is personally rewarding to think that I helped put together a gun team to smash that project.

The second example was after catching up with a General Manager of a residential builder that had grown significantly over the past 3 years. I placed that GM in an Operations Manager role three years ago, and at the time it was a newly created position as the business was growing. They had never had an Ops Manager before. We reflected on that and how the management team had expanded to now include a new Operations Manager, and four Construction Managers – all of whom I had placed. The management team had gelled, were rocking and rolling – kicking goals! Again, it was personally rewarding to think that I helped put together a superstar management team that the Directors of the business were ecstatic about.

In summary, it is personally rewarding to see candidates lives changed for the better, whilst also seeing client’s businesses reach new heights strongly due to the talent in place. 

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Matt Johns

Matt Johns

Matt is the Team Leader for JV’s permanent recruitment division, specializing in Residential and Commercial Construction. He has 6 years of experience in permanent recruitment, prior to this, utilised his HR degree in State Government.

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