Kerryn's milestone with JV

It’s fair to say this year has been tough for everyone on many different levels.

COVID, lockdowns, job losses, family losses. I could continue but we all know too well the struggles we’ve faced.

As Victoria continues to show what all the effort was for in combating the virus, here at JV, we’re looking to the future. What tomorrow, next week, next month and next year will bring. We’re looking at how we can evolve as a business, and as individuals, to better ourselves, our families and our stakeholders.

And while we look ahead as a business, I’ve also looked back on the last year and reflected. I’m glad I looked back, as I realised I missed a very significant milestone of one of my team members.

Her name is Kerryn Johnson.

Kerryns birthday-3

As we all battled through the challenges of lockdown, I missed a huge milestone in Kerryn’s career.

This post is about her significant milestone and even more – her significant contribution to JV. It’s about celebrating and thanking Kerryn for 7 amazing years working for JV Recruitment.

Kerryn is the perfect representative of the word 'WE'; especially as this is how Kerryn speaks about JV. It’s not just a company or a job to Kerryn, she has been fully invested since day one and has been pivotal in building JV from the beginning.

Untitled design (9)Kezza 2

(Pics above: Kerryn took lead on 'R U okay' day | Kerryn leading from the front. On-site support with a client)

As a working Mum of 2 beautiful kids, Kerryn returned to work for JV and took on about 4 roles all at once in our small emerging business (payroll, credit control, marketing and general office management). I’m sure I have missed a few roles still though!

As the business grew, so did Kerryn’s payroll requirements, so she trained and passed her various roles to the next employee. Her knowledge continually expanded and she took it upon herself to learn more and help train staff further, always with a smile on her face.


(Pic above: JV trip to Sydney in the early days | Celebrating Joe's success and award at the WorkSafe awards in 2018)

Kerryn’s ability to find a way to deliver, whilst juggling a thousand and one things is like no one else. I truly believe this is the superpower of Kerryn, and one we haven’t celebrated enough.

Kerryn and I have been through the tough times and the good. The highs and the lows. And Kerryn is one of a few constants who’ve always been in my corner.

For all of your effort, support, passion and friendship, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You put 100% in all the time and continually try to make the business better each day.

Cheers to you Kerryn. From me and your JV family.




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