Tips on securing a new position in another city

This post was prompted after helping a Contracts Administrator from Singapore secure a job in Melbourne.

Moving from one job to another can be stressful, moving from one city to another can be daunting, so moving from one country to another then also trying to find a job when you arrive can seem terrifying, but it can be done.

Here at JV we pride ourselves on not being your typical recruitment company in more ways than one, it’s not always about filling the job that no other recruiter can (that is important don’t get me wrong) but it’s also about giving an opportunity to those often overlooked by our competitors.
One of the best feelings in permanent recruitment is being able to call your candidate that other recruiters didn’t give the time of day to because all of their experience is overseas and telling them you have a great opportunity for them.

A recent example of this is a Contracts Administrator candidate that I helped transition from Singapore to Melbourne who has successfully joined a Top Tier 2 Commercial Builder in Melbourne. This candidate was overlooked by other companies for months, however what stood out was his:

  • Strong communication skills
  • A full understanding of the role he wanted
  • An understanding and realistic idea of the initial salary that he would command
  • A strong willingness to embrace the Melbourne market

‘Thanks for the great effort in finding a company that is best suited for me, and helping advise on how to secure the job that I wanted too”.

The example above is a good example of how it is possible to make the transition to a new country, and with more and more candidates making the move to the city of four seasons (in one day) it’s important to do the basics right in order to secure a role.

How candidates with overseas experience can improve their job search results:

Here are the 3 most important things that candidates with overseas experience should consider:

1. Apply for jobs that match your skill set and past experience:

There is nothing worse than seeing the same person applying for every role I understand eagerness and desire are brilliant traits, however, be smart and be target roles that suit your skill set and experience In construction identify builders who complete similar projects that you are experienced with.

2. Meet with the recruitment consultant who is representing you:

It is my job to sell the skills of any candidate I represent and this is never more important than when your experience is all overseas. Sitting down with you and really getting to understand you, your reasons for moving, motivations, and types of working environments that you thrive in is key to approaching the right companies, essentially eliminates times wasted on both sides.

3. Thoroughly research the company and the role before the interview:

This should go without saying for any candidates, however if your experience is overseas you should have an understanding of the city that you are now living in, the current market, the potential challenges, and the pros and the cons. By doing such research and preparation you will shine brightly in an interview. Knowing your weakness and where you might need support is a strength in this case.

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Kyi Dennis

Team Leader, Civil Construction 

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Kyi Dennis

Kyi Dennis

Kyi is the Team Leader for the Civil recruitment permanent division. He has worked in recruitment for over 4 years, focusing on civil, construction, engineering and educational services.

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