Why gender diversity matters

Did you know that only 12% of the construction workforce is made up of women?

This statistic sounds like it’s from the 1950s not 2020, don’t you think? There are so many reasons why diversity and gender equality are important for the workforce and particularly in construction. Check out my top reasons below:

  1. Boosts innovation and productivity

Gender equality in the industry will allow for new skills and ideas which are key ingredients of increased innovation. Diverse perspectives, allows companies to take a more holistic approach around issues that arise leading to improved decision-making and overall productivity.

  1. Higher profits

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the bottom quartile.

  1. Improvement of mental health

Inclusive workplaces in all forms from cultural to social identities have a positive effect on employee self-concept, self-esteem, connectedness and belonging. This means that inclusive workplaces have employees who are psychologically well-adjusted and secure. Without gender diversity the construction and infrastructure sector is missing out on the talents of half the working population.

_At JV Recruitment we have a commitment to ensuring a diverse and inclusive culture allowing us to be adaptive, creative and progressive in every step of the way._ (1)

Unfortunately, there are various barriers that discourage women to even think about starting a career in construction, let alone stay in the industry.

  1. It’s not commonly offered as a career option

Promotion of construction or “tradie” jobs is not often promoted to women in schools and it seems that there is a stereotype of girls being steered towards university rather than trades.

  1. Fewer role models

Few female construction workers mean fewer mentors to influence women in the industry.

  1. Inflexible work practices

Construction professionals typically work long hours, making it difficult to balance work with domestic and parental obligations (these duties often falling on the female).

However, now is a better time than ever for women to enter in this workforce. Women’s rights are a common conversation in the industry now with groups like the National Association Of Women In Construction and social media movements that support diversity in the industry.

Let’s make the change. Let’s make now the time for the industry to commit to creating an inclusive workforce not only our people in the industry but for future generations.

If you are currently seeking to build out a more diverse workforce, or if you are looking for work in construction, manufacturing or engineering, reach out to the team at JV Recruitment. Contact us by calling 9377 5800.

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Christine Wood

Christine Wood

Christine is JV’s Human Resources Coordinator. She has over 2 years experience working in generalist HR and recruitment; prior to this she worked in the hospitality industry as a Supervisor and Duty Manager in high end hotels.

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