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The Demand for Carpentry Recruitment Agencies

As Australia's population grows and business activity increases, the demand for skilled and qualified carpenters continues to rise. This can make it difficult for construction companies to find the workers they need while at the same time providing a problem for carpenters in choosing the most suitable jobs.

Companies need carpenters to work on all types and sizes of jobs. Equally, carpenters often have specialist skills and prefer to do specific types of work. Matching the two is a task that carpentry recruitment agencies are particularly able to do and so can help both parties to achieve their aims.

The Benefits of Using Carpentry Recruitment Companies

All recruitment agencies can help companies find the staff they need and can ensure candidates get their ideal job. For a specialist trade like carpentry, however, the biggest benefits are gained by using an agency that has experience in carpentry and really knows the business. Read More

Whether you're a young or experienced carpenter, using carpentry work agencies has numerous benefits that include:

  • access to many local jobs that may not be advertised generally, and which provide work within a reasonable distance
  • contact with various companies of different sizes and with a variety of projects on offer
  • the opportunity to establish a good track record and to build a reputation with several companies, which can provide the prospect of more work in the future
  • the ability to be associated with a professional agency and benefit from the knowledge and experience of its staff, so you're more able to market yourself and attract future work
  • the chance to develop your skills by working on many varied projects
  • good rates of pay and prompt payment.

For companies needing carpenters, carpentry recruitment agencies will provide access to a large number of people who are suitably qualified and have the experience to be able to undertake various tasks. This is the best guarantee of obtaining exactly the right type of tradespeople for any project, whatever its size and type.

Obtaining the Best from Carpentry Recruitment Agencies

Whether an employer or an employee, working with an agency that understands the industry and its jobs will ensure the best possible outcome. At JV Recruitment, we specialise in the construction industry and all our recruitment consultants have worked in it. Some have extensive experience in the carpentry trade and so are ideally placed to give advice and know the best course of action.

JV Recruitment offers services Australia-wide including:

All the carpenters from our carpentry recruitment agencies we use are qualified, experienced and reliable, with the necessary licences and insurance. They've all been interviewed, checked and assessed so we know what they can do and the types of job they're best suited for. They've also received health and safety training and have their own basic tools so they're largely self-sufficient and can just get on with the job.

As one of Australia's premiere carpentry recruitment companies, we can supply carpenters for permanent or temporary work, for large and small projects and for different types of jobs. We can provide them at short notice if necessary and are as adaptable as you need us to be. If you're a carpenter needing work or a company looking to complete a project, come to us and we'll ensure you get what you need. Read Less


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