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EBA Labour Hire in Melbourne

If you are looking for EBA labour hire in Melbourne, JV Recruitment is the team to find the right people for the right jobs.

We work with both candidates and clients alike to ensure working partnerships that can either be temporary or permanent. If you are looking for work or looking for labourers, we can match you to the perfect opportunity.

At JV Recruitment, we work to provide recruitment for the construction, manufacturing, logistics and civil sectors, and as specialists in these industries, we use our expertise each time we hire.

Why Choose To Have Commercial EBA Labour Hire?

EBA labour hire in Melbourne can benefit both workers and clients. EBA stands for Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, which is legally binding and means that both workers and clients can enter into wage agreements and establishes working conditions that are suitable for your industry.

For workers, this means that you can be confident that you are getting a fair wage, and this is also something that we ensure at JV Recruitment.

For clients, EBA hire means that you will not have to deal with unions, and as your employees are more satisfied and motivated, you can expect a better level of work from them. Read More

At JV Recruitment, we can seek employment for blue-collared workers that meet the following criteria:

  • General labourers
  • Ticketed labourers who have a qualified trade or as an operator
  • Those from Australia or New Zealand and can legally work in Australia
  • Trade backpackers for general labour who have construction experience

Why Choose JV Recruitment EBA Labour Hire Melbourne?

As an EBA labour hiring agency in Melbourne, we can help you to find the right job and help businesses to find the right labourers for their projects.

When you choose to work through JV Recruitment, you can not only expect to find employment, but also an after-care service that continues to put your interests first. This includes helping you integrate into your new company which also benefits employers as a happy workforce makes better workers.

JV Recruitment offers services across Melbourne including:

For clients who are looking for commercial EBA labour hire, you can be assured that all our workers go through an in-depth selection process so that we can find workers with the best skill set, knowledge and attitude for your company. Before candidates are even interviewed, they go through pre-interviews to ascertain their key competencies, motivations and behavioural traits.

Before we source workers for you, we determine exactly what your business needs and ensure we have a detailed job brief. Read Less

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