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The Health and Safety sector is a highly growing industry with a projection of between 10,000 and 25,000 more Health and Safety professionals required in 2020 compared to 2015. JV Recruitment is passionate about this industry and committed to find quality recruitment solutions to improve safety performances in workplaces throughout Melbourne.



JV are the trusted experts in Health and Safety recruitment - we’re just built that way. Our team is here to ensure that your work is done right, delivered on time, on budget, with the right workers and safety parameters. We drive your project to success by always showing up, staying accountable and investing heavily in the training and vetting of our candidates.

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Candidates say…

"I feel that JV is a smoothly run machine through which one can upgrade their skillset and expand their network professionally, but also socially which is great. It seems as though there is plenty of work too."

Kevo Munyambu Scholten


Clients say…

"I have been using JV recruitment over the last 10 years for both blue collar and white collar construction placements. I am in the unique position to have been both a candidate and client during this time so feel qualified to make a judgement about of their service. Stuart and his team have been prompt and diligent with all aspects throughout all my dealings with them. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Clayton Feldtmann

Construction Manager

Group 199


  • WHS Manager
  • WHS Advisor
  • WHS Coordinator
  • WHS Officer
  • HSE Manager
  • HSE Advisor
  • HSE Coordinator
  • HSE Officer
  • Health and Safety Business Partner
  • National OHS Manager
  • HSEQ Manager
  • HSEQ Advisor
  • HSEQ Coordinator
  • Safety and Wellbeing Specialist
  • Safety and Wellbeing Manager
  • Safety and Wellbeing Coordinator

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