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The Leading Labour Hire Recruitment Agency in Melbourne

Welcome to JV Recruitment! Whether you are a prospective client seeking out the very best labour hire Melbourne has to offer, or if you are a candidate that wants to improve their chances of working with the best construction companies in the city, rest assured that you have come to the right place.

Our team has steadily grown its popularity since we first started back in 2009. With a decade and counting under our belts, we have established ourselves as the alternative to labour hire recruitment agencies in Melbourne who are only motivated by the fees that they will make from the business that you give them. We believe that work is a very personal thing that holds great meaning. As such, we listen first to learn what you want to achieve and from there, we set about meeting your expectations without misleading you about the availability of work, or the skills of our candidates.

Why Choose JV Recruitment for your Labour Hire in Melbourne?

If you have never used a labour hire recruitment agency in Melbourne before then luck is on your side since your first port of call is our site. You have found a team that continuously works to improve its communication and productivity, and that strives to show its loyalty to you. We believe in a human-to-human approach that fosters solid relationships as opposed to simply chasing cold hard sales.

There is no question about our desire to help you manage whatever situation you face. Regardless of whether you need the services of a labour hire recruitment Melbourne recommends to fill a sudden gap in your team, or if you have just secured a new contract and need to scale your team to meet the requirements, we can work with you to make this as smooth and seamless a process as possible. Read More

We value our clients and given that 90% of our current business comes from repeat clients, this demonstrates our ability to deliver a consistent service that lives up to the promises it makes. You can expect to deal with a team that takes pride in what they do and will go over and above to deliver results. There truly is no better labour agency in Melbourne today, and we would enjoy nothing more than having the opportunity to prove this to you.

JV Recruitment offers services Australia-wide:

Construction Recruitment Agencies Melbourne · Construction Recruitment Agencies Sydney · Construction Recruitment Agencies Brisbane

JV Recruitment specialises in labour hire recruitment in:

Labour Hire Geelong · Casual Labour Hire Melbourne · Labour Hire Dandenong

We Are The Recommended Labour Hire Recruitment Agency In Melbourne

At JV Recruitment, we appreciate that the trend toward using labour hire Melbourne recommends has increased quite a bit over the past couple of decades. But, for those that have yet to try or who believe that there is little to be gained, let's consider the many opportunities that you are available to you both as a candidate and a construction company.

We all know just how important it is to meet the deadlines that we have agreed. Success in the construction industry means adhering to schedules without sacrificing the quality of the work done. Naturally, the cost of labour can factor heavily into the budgeting and planning, so taking the time to consider your approach will show just how much smarter it is to use a labor agency in Melbourne to give your workforce the capacity to grow and shrink as required.

We Are The Leading Labourer Agency For All Trades In Australia

As a leading labourer agency we give Melbourne construction companies the ability to scale fluidly from one project to the next. Rather than face slowdowns or having to reschedule to accommodate absenteeism, your ability to tap into a comprehensive selection of the kind of labourers that you need, from one day to the next, is a level of security that affords you the confidence to plan and execute without fail.

A manager in charge of labour hire recruitment in Melbourne on their construction project may not have the local knowledge and expertise that a specialist service provider like ours here at JV Recruitment has. The recruitment process can be long and drawn out, which can eat into your time to plan and focus on important aspects of the project. We offer the most reliable fast labour hire Melbourne has to offer. Advertising, responding, interviewing and setting labourers up on your payroll all take time. Instead, outsourcing your skill needs to our labourer agency team that knows the industry and can solve labour-hire needs daily, saves you time, money and ensures that you get the skilled workers that are right for the job.

What Makes Us Different To Other Labour Agencies in Melbourne, Australia

As the best option among labour hire in melbourne construction companies continually come to us as we attract labourers that have unique and specialist skills. We understand that there are often surges in demand for certain kinds of workers and we also know that there are often periods where demand is not quite as high. Our team focuses on building long-term relationships with clients and candidates so that we can connect the best with the best faster and more consistently.

As a labourer, you may be between jobs or looking for something to hold you over before a planned vacation. Your motivated to put your unique skills to good use and so you want to identify and have the possibility of working on projects that require them as and when they arise. This is where labor hire in Melbourne can make a huge difference.

Our contacts and relationships at JV Recruitment give us unique insight into the market, which means that we know where demand exists. What's more, we care about our candidate safety and we believe in ethical practices as well as ensuring fair and on-time pay. As such, we can make it possible for our candidates to be as flexible as their personal circumstances require and give them the peace of mind that their trust in our labour agency in Melbourne is rewarded time and time again.

Any company that wants to improve the training and education of its labourers can benefit immensely from using labour agencies in Melbourne. Exposure to external, skilled workers can improve practices and up-skill workers on the job. Furthermore, an on-demand labour force also makes it possible to fill gaps in your team when individuals are on courses and programmes that necessitate absence from your projects.

Trust in the Award-Winning Labourer Agency with an Australia-wide Network

If your online search for 'labour hire agencies near me' has led you here, then you will be pleased to learn that you need not look any further. At JV Recruitment, our multi-award-winning team is on track to become the best construction recruiter on the Eastern Seaboard for white-collar and blue-collar within the next couple of years.

Our growth as one of the labour recruitment agencies in Melbourne stems from an attitude that addresses problems, solves them quickly and always puts the needs of our clients first. We are the go-to labour hire agency in Melbourne because we plan for the unexpected, we have better processes, train our staff, have strong behavioural interview techniques and are available 24 hours a day.

Now that you have found the most reliable labour hire agency in Melbourne, fill in the online query form, drop us a line or pick up the phone. We look forward to listening to what you need and helping you achieve more so that you can take your business or career to the next level.

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Candidates say…

"Great bunch of people at JV. They are on the ball when it comes to ensuring the safety of their workers and always get back to you when you phone them. As far as labour hire goes, I reckon they are as good as it gets. Highly recommend them."

Alan Ward


"Very happy with the boys at JV!! Got me working the day after I called and have been really helpful with questions and all my needs. Highly recommended!!"

Lee Fsadni


"I feel that JV is a smoothly run machine through which one can upgrade their skillset and expand their network professionally, but also socially which is great. It seems as though there is plenty of work too."

Kevo Munyambu Scholten


"A very professional agency with competent staff and good job opportunities in Melbourne and surroundings. Safety and health of labourers is always the top priority which makes working for JV a very positive experience."

Christoph Schramm


"Brittany from JV Recruitment exceeded all expectations and went beyond the extra mile to ensure that I was placed in the right role for me. Working within tight time constraints of an industry shut down, arranging interstate travel (not to mention personally picked me up from the airport), accommodation and itinerary meant that I had the best opportunity to find the right role without being pressured into the wrong decision. Brittany understood the importance of my criteria for selecting the right role as to be confident in moving my family interstate. Ultimately Brittany and JV Recruitment provided me the opportunity further my career progression at a highly sought after nationwide industry leader. I have not had a notion that I have made the incorrect decision, and even though I have no intent of requiring the services of JV Recruitment, I have no hesitation in applauding Brittany and JV Recruitment in any capacity."

Josh McCormick


"Very professional company, they ask a certain standard of employee’s and in turn they offer what you would want from a employer. Constant work, support and professionalism. I started with JV around two months ago and since then have had constant work and they have continually showed that they care about my safety and welfare on site. The lads who find you work Rob, Tim and Jack in my experience have always gone above and beyond to help me find continuous work."

David J. Moore


Clients say…

"Stuart provides a great service, he is honest, open and always available. I feel confident dealing with Stuart knowing he does the right thing and goes that extra mile for candidates and clients alike."

Shane Craven

Senior Surveillance Officer

"We have used JV for carpentry and general labour for over 4 years. JV have always provided reliable and experienced personnel and the 'right people for the right job’. One very important reason I continue to use and recommend JV is that JV always complete thorough Site Safety Analysis on all projects."

Glenn Crowhurst

Project Manager

" JV has been able to assist with providing several staff placement for our construction requirements over many years. We have been very happy with the staff provided and ongoing follow up by JV. These have included labourers, foreman and senior project managers. I have had JV find working associates opportunities, this required confidentiality and select employment opportunities due to the existing employers being within the same industries."

Charles O'Brien

Construction Manager

"I have been using JV recruitment over the last 10 years for both blue collar and white collar construction placements. I am in the unique position to have been both a candidate and client during this time so feel qualified to make a judgement about of their service. Stuart and his team have been prompt and diligent with all aspects throughout all my dealings with them. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Clayton Feldtmann

Construction Manager

Some of our clients:

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