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Securing a contract to complete work in the public domain comes with its own considerations and requirements. Management on the project must dot all i's and cross all t's at each stage of planning. It is also essential that the right workers for the jobs that must be completed are present.

Civil engineering recruitment agencies in Melbourne offer construction companies a wealth of choice that can make a major difference to the successful and timely completion of any project.

At JV Recruitment, we are the go-to team for companies that recognise the potential for securing talent beyond their own employees and for those who need to upscale on short notice. We are experienced specialists with over a decade of consistent results behind us, which we achieved through a client-centric approach to the service that we provide.

Having worked in other civil engineering recruitment agencies in Melbourne, we realised that the trend in the market was for those filling positions to do so to earn more money and simply hit the targets that they were set. We believe that when a client comes to us with an existing need for a certain type of labourer, or a specialist labourer with a certain level of education and training, that our job is to pursue their agenda and deliver so that they can keep the promises they make to their stakeholders.

Our unique, long-term approach to relationships with our clients differentiates us from most of our competitors. In fact, 90% of the business that we do daily comes from repeat clients. We believe in working as a team and strive to continuously improve our communication, productivity and loyalty to you. Where civil construction recruitment agencies in Melbourne are concerned, we stand apart and carry out our work with our values of honesty, effort and strong communication informing the decisions that we make. Read More

Civil Construction Labour Hire In Melbourne You Can Trust

Every market experiences growth at different times. Where a focus and demand exists for a service, there are always new entrants to the market that seek to capitalise on those who are ill-informed. Here at JV Recruitment, we do our utmost to give our clients a human-to-human service that isn't based on cold hard sales but promotes hard work that achieves results. Our years in this industry have given us a superior level of insight as well as fantastic connections with both the best companies as well as candidates.

Inexperienced, new civil construction labour hire in Melbourne often focus on filling positions for the sake of it, but this inevitably results in a poor fit between the client and candidate, or the candidate and the work they were hired to do. Our team puts the time in with all candidates to fully assess them through behavioural interviews, skill tests and staff training that ensures we know exactly who to recommend for the different jobs that our company clients need to fill.

At JV Recruitment, we understand just how time-sensitive the projects that our clients work on are. We also know that sometimes things just don't work out, or problems arise that were unforeseen. Rather than turn to our terms and conditions and hide behind them, or point the finger of blame, our team meet challenges and issues head-on.

JV Recruitment all trades recruitment services including:

We know that it's common to find your recruitment agent floundering when an unexpected issue comes to light, but with us, you can expect that we will have contingency plans in place and our diverse and exceptional pool of talent will make all the difference in resolving the situation. Our team approach to everything we do means that you benefit from the strength in our numbers. We don't just want to work with you once, we want your next order and so you will find our commitment to solving problems unwavering.

We take pride in the fact that our service is known for its consistency and that we are willing to go over and above for our clients. Civil construction recruitment agencies in Melbourne seldom adapt, remain grounded and believe in being accessible by phone like we do. We respond quickly and even visit our clients in person if the situation necessitates it.

Above all, we feel that ethics is crucial to the work that we do. We ensure that our candidates are looked after, and we follow strict safety standards and real OH&S processes to promote safety awareness and reduce injury rates. Read Less

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