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Finding people to employ that have the same values as your business isn't easy. Luckily, JV Recruitment is here to help. We've been leading the recruitment industry with our innovative methods for ten years and have got labour hire in Frankston down to a science.

No other labour hire agency in Frankston uses our cutting edge person-centric approach to finding candidates that are perfectly matched to your business. Our placements have an exceptionally high success rate and that's just one of the things that keep our clients coming back to us.

Because we can find high-quality candidates using a thorough recruitment technique, we save you time and money by getting it right the first time. We take our job as a recruitment agency very seriously because we know that a poor employment strategy could be devastating for your business. Trust in labour hire Frankston construction companies recommend, JV Recruitment!

Our pride lies in delivering candidates that are better than you could have ever expected. The only problem you have is deciding which candidates to give the job to! Read More

How Will a Labour Hire Agency Help You?

By building strong relationships with our clients, we get a better understanding of exactly what it is you need from a labour hire agency in Frankston. By using client surveys to obtain honest feedback on the performance of our team, we ensure that we're always providing the best quality service we possibly can.

We use the most up to date recruitment tools and technology so we can reduce errors and maintain efficiency. Electronic timesheeting is just one of the strategies we use to reduce the amount of time you spend performing tasks such as payroll so you can focus on the more pressing matters in your business.

While other recruitment agencies react to the unexpected, JV Recruitment makes sure that there's always a plan in place for those unforeseen circumstances. We know that you don't like to be caught off guard and neither do we. That's why we prepare for every eventuality and will always meet your high standards, no matter what happens.

Our labour hire companies Frankston construction firms recommend because we are the specialists with a wealth of market knowledge to be able to offer you expert guidance. We have a pool of qualified candidates ready and waiting to be matched with your employment opportunity. By working with JV Recruitment, you're guaranteed to find the perfect recruit every time.

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JV Recruitment offers services Australia-wide including:

When you need to fill vacancies with exceptional recruits, JV Recruitment is the first company that should spring to mind. We're the first-rate labour hire recruitment company in Frankston with nothing but sterling reviews from our loyal clients.

We know exactly how to ensure your business is full of champion workers and nothing gives us greater satisfaction than knowing you're happy with your new placements. If you'd like to start filling your all-important job vacancies with people you can rely on, all you have to do is give us a call on 03 9377 5800 and speak to a representative. Read Less

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