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Any manager that is responsible for hiring workers or who is tasked with ensuring that construction projects run on-schedule will understand the problems that absenteeism or shortfalls in labour can have. It can mean the difference between securing a lucrative contract, or it can mean failing to deliver on the promises made to the stakeholders. Construction labour hire is the simple solution to such problems, but while many companies are content to source and retain workers, there is a distinct advantage to having a recruitment partner that you can call when you need to.

Why Choose JV As Your Construction Labour Hire Partner

At JV Recruitment, we have established a strong nationwide network over the past ten years and counting. We started our business to offer companies and candidates an alternative to traditional construction labour hire companies that were solely motivated by fees earned through 'kill and fill' strategies. We recognise that as a manager or as a worker, there is potentially a lot at stake and making the right connections can prove invaluable.

We solve our clients' labour-hire needs every single day. Our approach is best described as human-to-human since we put our clients' needs at the heart of everything that we do. We really listen so that we have a better sense of what you want, and so that we can deliver the outcome you hope for. Our team approach to building long-term relationships with clients has made us one of the most reputable service providers in the industry and we are proud of the fact that we are one of Australia's fastest-growing companies. Read More

What differentiates us from the other construction labour hire companies in Melbourne is our commitment to our clients. We understand that time is incredibly important to you, which is why we make a huge effort to streamline the process and provide you with the fastest route to securing the workers that you need without having to think twice about whether they are the right fit for the job.

We have a fantastically diverse talent pool, which is grown through skill tests, behavioural interviews and a commitment to the training of staff so that we can capably respond whenever called upon. We don't hide behind our terms and conditions; we don't shirk away from problems when they arise and we ensure that you can always get a hold of us and will not have to wait very long for responses.

Why Construction Labour Hire Melbourne Minimises Risk

Construction labour hire is ideal for Melbourne companies that want to minimise their risk and maximise the return on their labour investments. It is a smart strategy that is worth building into your approach going forward since it offers a degree of flexibility and control that may otherwise be absent.

At JV Recruitment, we are fortunate to say that our daily work is made up primarily of repeat business from existing clients. Why? Well, because with the benefit of our motivated, proactive and effective team, our clients quickly appreciate just how efficient their organisations become with our help. More and more construction businesses are incorporating construction labour hire companies into their recruitment practices because they recognise the many advantages that it brings.

If you are stuck for a construction labourer in Melbourne VIC and have never used a labour-hire company before, then your likely approach to filling this position is to ask peers and colleagues for recommendations or to post an advertisement online or in print media. The time that this will take is worth considering. You have to write up the job spec, post it, pay for the privilege, read through CVs, shortlist, interview, assess the candidates, select one and then finalise the details before they ever set foot on your site.

JV Recruitment offers services Australia-wide with locations in:

Instead, you could turn to our construction labour agency and simply let us know what you need, the skills required and when you need them to start and potentially finish the job. We have a wealth of candidates to choose from and even if we don't have someone ideal for your consideration, we will let you know and work hard to source them. This can make a huge difference when your workforce numbers take a hit or you're suddenly faced with multiple absences due to illness.

Our team strongly believes that construction labour hire in Melbourne is a cost-effective way to invest in recruitment. You don't need to worry about the advertising and loss of time spent recruiting, but you also don't have to think about training a new hire, since you can target the skills that you want. This is especially important when you need specialised workers since they can be that bit more difficult to identify and attract. The time saved by working with us is undeniable, but it also equates to a streamlined approach to business that makes your organisation more efficient and effective.

Choose JV Recruitment Construction Labour Hire In Melbourne

At JV Recruitment, one of the reasons that we continue to do business with our past clients is because they know that we won't sit back or falter in our efforts. We have a collective mindset that pushes us to do better each time and we know that we are only as good as the last job that we fill. This creates a desire to improve, to deliver better results and to prove to you that our efforts are genuine.

If you believe that your business could benefit from construction labour hire melbourne recommends, our specialists are the go-to people to speak with. We value honesty, teamwork, ethics, relationship building, effort and communication and we have found that by strictly adhering to these we achieve better outcomes and you stand a better chance of getting exactly what you want from us each and every time.

We invite those that are visiting us for the first time to read the client testimonials here on our site and to check out our Google reviews. You will quickly appreciate just how client-focused we are, and we hope that it encourages you to get in touch with us via the online query form, email or over the phone if you would prefer to have a chat. We are the preeminent construction labour hire companies in Melbourne serving the market today and we would enjoy nothing more than helping you take your business or career to new heights. Read Less

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