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Electrical Labour Hire in Melbourne

If you are searching for electrical labour hire in Melbourne, JV Recruitment is the agency to find you skilled labourers with the competency and know-how to do your job well.

As specialists in the construction, manufacturing, logistics and civil sectors, JV can find the right electrical labour hire for your company.

We work with both clients and candidates to find workers and work for your requirements. As a company that goes above and beyond, JV is a company that you can rely on. Read More

Engage The Best Electrical Labour Hire Recruitment Agency

Recruitment is a time-consuming business and your time can often be better spent elsewhere. For businesses who are looking to appoint electrical labourers, JV can help you to find qualified workers who will be able to do your job well.

Our electrical labour hire department has an extensive network, we can supply you with the best workers for your job. This includes sourcing those who are actively looking for work, but also those who are passive. This way, we ensure you get the best candidates for your job's requirements. What's more, as specialists, we know your industry and understand our clients' needs inside out.

For those who are seeking work, we ensure excellent candidate care and training where necessary. We also make sure you are receiving a fair rate of pay and that you are always paid on time. To be considered for electrical labour hire in Melbourne, you must have at least 12-months experience and be certified to work in electrics. Labour hire work may include installing devices or wiring, testing to ensure safety, making necessary changes or removing electrical work.

JV Recruitment offers services across Melbourne including:

JV Recruitment: A Company that Cares About Electrical Labour Hiring

At JV Recruitment, we are the electrical labour hire recruitment agency for you. We go out of our way to ensure that both clients and candidates are satisfied, and we care. As a result of this, we continue to be a popular choice.

Honesty is an important aspect of our work. We are honest with everyone and clients can be reassured that we never upsell a candidate to get them a job. We only provide you with workers who have met our stringent standards and passed our rigorous interviews.

We ensure you have a reliable workforce. At JV, this is done through our interview process, including pre-interviews. During interviews, we determine candidates' skills, behaviour traits and attitudes, along with their knowledge.

From these interviews, we can ensure that we present you with candidates who best fit your company and therefore have a much lower risk of leaving.

What's more, once a candidate is in employment, we do not just leave it there. We also have an aftercare service to ensure integration into the company is successful.

If you are looking for an electrical labour hiring agency look no further than JV Recruitment for a company that you can rely on to be trustworthy and reliable, fixing problems as they arise and genuinely caring for both our clients and candidates.

Contact us today for our specialists' help in appointing your electrical labourers or to seek work. Read Less

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