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Carpentry is a skilled job that normally takes four years to achieve full qualification. Even then, carpenters are still gaining experience and honing their skills to enable them to undertake all kinds of jobs.

It follows that skilled and knowledgeable carpenters are in high demand and are much sought after by companies with projects to complete. As a carpenter, therefore, you can maximise your income by choosing jobs that make full use of your skills. JV Recruitment is the number one carpentry labour hire in Melbourne for a reason. Read More

The Role of Carpentry Labour Hire Agencies in Melbourne

Depending on their training and experience, carpenters may have varying titles and can handle a broad range of work that may include:

  • new builds and refurbishments
  • fitting doors and windows
  • constructing decking and floors
  • installing cladding and skirting boards
  • constructing formwork for concrete
  • erecting wood frames for houses.

Many carpenters will be able to tackle a wide variety of work and so are useful for all types of construction jobs. Others are more specialist and so are able to provide a better job in particular niche areas.

At JV Recruitment, we have many carpenters available and so can provide specialist or general workers as necessary. We'll assess employers'; particular needs, match those to the carpenters we have available and supply the most suitable ones for the job. That provides the best possible result for each employer as well as making sure every carpenter has a job that really suits them.

JV Recruitment offers services across Melbourne including:

For any company requiring carpentry labour hire in Melbourne, there are numerous points to consider that can make the task challenging. These include ensuring that:

  • all staff are available for the start of a project and work through to its completion
  • workers are fully qualified, experienced and can be relied on to work efficiently and safely
  • carpenters have the necessary insurance, so there's cover in case of damage or injury
  • all parties are aware of what's needed and are able to comply with priorities and deadline dates
  • any difficulties, problems and issues are resolved without fuss
  • there's the minimum possible disruption to a business.

How Carpentry Labour Hire Companies in Melbourne Can Help

Our aim at JV Recruitment is to reduce or eliminate the challenges you face when taking on carpenters for projects, whether large or small. Equally, we';ll make it easier for carpenters to find the job they want and are ideally suited for. To do that, we:

  • talk to all prospective employers and find out what they want
  • assess all the carpenters on our books so we know what they can do
  • match the two so that we supply the ideal candidates for all jobs
  • visit sites regularly so we know what is happening
  • constantly monitor the progress of jobs and speak to all parties involved so we can assess progress
  • resolve any issues before they develop too far
  • ensure every job is completed to the employers' satisfaction and each carpenter is happy with the work they do.

Our aim is to make sure everyone is satisfied with the service we provide because we want to keep providing that service to both employers and employees. Read Less

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