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The Challenges of Commercial Labour Hire in Melbourne

Finding the right staff is one of the biggest challenges that many companies face. And if you're looking for commercial labour with particular skills, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, that can add another level of difficulty. JV Recruitments commercial labour hire services can help.

Skilled labourers who are engaged in commercial work can help to create change and make a real difference and are often in high demand. Whether it's commercial fit-outs, new builds or refurbishments, skilled labour is a valuable asset for any company and needs to be selected carefully and treated well. We offer Commercial labour hire Melbourne construction companies recommend and trust. Read More

Gaining an Advantage through Commercial Labour Hire in Melbourne

Hiring commercial labour isn't something that companies should undertake themselves because it distracts from their core business and isn't normally something they're good at. If you're looking for commercial labour, the use of commercial labour hire companies will always give better results if you choose correctly.

At JV Recruitment, we're fully accustomed to supplying commercial labour for a wide variety of projects. And we can make the whole process easier for you by:

  • undertaking exhaustive vetting of candidates to check their knowledge, experience and suitability
  • checking documentation, including certificates, accreditations and visas
  • undertaking reference and background checks
  • inspecting work tickets for particular industry posts
  • providing health and safety training to ensure candidates can work safely
  • conducting aptitude and intellect tests to ensure compatibility
  • carrying out job interviews, including using the latest interview techniques, to determine suitability.

Matching Candidates to Jobs

Our aim is to provide candidates who are fully qualified and suitable for a job, with the correct skill set and aptitude. At the same time, we want to ensure those candidates gain the type of employment they want, so we are working hard to make both parties happy with the outcome.

We know commercial labour hire can be difficult and often frustrating, so we make it as simple as it can be for everyone involved. And, although using an agency will obviously incur costs, we aim to make the process as cost-effective as possible. That can happen because the costs we charge are often more than offset by a saving in your own expenses and a far better outcome that will make additional savings - not least in increased productivity. By supplying reliable workers who have been thoroughly assessed and are suited to the job, we make it more likely that they will stay and thus avoid future recruitment costs.

JV Recruitment offers services across Melbourne including:

Commercial labour hire in Melbourne there are also many benefits for candidates. By being on our books as assessed employees with known skills, you are making yourself available for a wide variety of rewarding jobs, ones that are often not generally advertised. That means you don't have to be constantly looking for work because we'll do it for you on a regular basis. And since we'll only put you forward for jobs for which you are suitable and that are appropriate for your needs, we won't waste your time and will ensure a good outcome for everyone involved. Read Less

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