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The Best Temp Agency for Construction Workers

At JV Recruitment, our construction temp agency makes a real difference in the lives of the candidates that we work with every day. Making sales or simply dropping you into the first job that comes up does not motivate us. Instead, we pull up our sleeves, work as a team and strive to prove our loyalty to you by being truthful and honest at all times.

You have found the best temp agency for construction workers in Melbourne. So, pick up the phone and let's have a chat about what you are looking for and how we can make it a reality.

Australia's Leading Construction Temp Agency

Your decision to trust in the efforts of construction recruiting firms is made in the hope and expectation that they will have the insights, connections and capability to find you the best work available in your sector when you need it.

Here at JV Recruitment, we are the leading temp agency for construction workers and our claims are backed up by a decade of consistency serving the needs of both businesses and candidates alike. We genuinely care about our clients and our honest approach to communication means that you will always know where you stand. We are committed to promoting safety awareness for all candidates and our strict standards and real OH&S processes are designed to reduce injury rates.

Searching for 'construction recruiters near me' is not necessarily going to indicate who is best placed to look after your needs. Rather than opt for a recruiter that is close-by, instead take the time to read through our reviews and consider the very real difference that we could make in your life. Read More

Our Temp Agency Can Open Many Doors

A construction temp agency may place inexperienced workers in the first job that they can find that requires limited skills, at JV Recruitment, we believe in taking the time to listen to what you want. We know that there are certain areas that you are attracted to and would prefer to work in, and we can help you get to where you want to be.

There are plenty of temps that start out as labourers and through smart placements gain experience by working with skilled workers. They can learn new skills and develop their knowledge while engaging in on the job training that will inevitably make them more employable going forward. Construction recruitment via our agency gives you the chance to work with different companies and gain the exposure you need to advance your career.

JV Recruitment offers services Australia-wide including locations such as:

While temping is often associated with new workers to any industry, the reality is that our construction work agency meets with many candidates who have specialist skills and expertise. They recognise the potential to secure more frequent work by aligning with a specialist that has considerable industry knowledge and who will be able to put them forward for work as and when it comes up.

The temp agency approach to work, particularly through us, ensures that you can dictate the kind of days and the nature of the work that you are willing to accept. Construction recruitment services empower you to take control of your work-life balance. You will find that our team is flexible in its approach and our success to date has made us one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia. Read Less

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